Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Best Air Rifle FAQ's

1. Why buy an Air Force Pre-charged over other PCP rifle? 

“Integrated Shooting System” with all three rifles. That feature 3 integral dove tail mounting rails which accept optical or open sight, bipods, night vision, scope levels, adjustable sling mounting studs, laser, flashlight, etc. Some of these items are available from Air Force or other manufacturers and some are under development. Adjust the velocity levels down for indoor or outdoor target shooting, or up for field target shooting, small game hunting or pests. You can easily change the caliber of the rifle by changing the barrel. Rifle are manufactured in the United States so warranty service and spare parts are readily available. 

2. Why buy an Air Force Air Rifle instead of a spring-piston air rifle? 

Spring-piston air rifle with the capability of the velocity level of our rifle weigh 8 to 10 pounds and require considerable effort to cock; our rifle weigh 7 pounds and require almost no effort to use if refilled from a scuba tank. Spring-piston also operates at a fixed velocity; Air Force gun are adjustable. Spring-piston air gun require special scopes because of reverse recoil Air Force rifle have no recoil and can use any scope that can focus at the range your shooting. A scope can mounted on most spring-piston air gun but little else; our air gun use a “Integrated Shooting System” and offer shooter limitless ways to configure their air rifle for a variety of shooter application. The Condor has more than twice the power of some of the most powerful spring-piston air rifle. 

1. Is the Talon SS quieter compared to the Talon, Condor or other rifles? 

A rifle using compressed air are much louder than spring-piston air guns of comparable power. Talon and Condor are loud like other compressed air guns on the market. But the design of Talon SS reduces the report the firing report to the level of a spring-piston air gun or less, depending on the velocity setting 

2. What rifle should I buy? 

All have basically the same features. Talon is priced lowest and Talon SS offers sound suppression. Condor is the most powerful rifle. However, both the Talon and Talon SS can be upgraded to condor power and the Condor can be changed to a Talon SS with a few easily installed parts. 

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3. What’s the maximum velocity? 

The Condor is extremely powerful, exceeding 1250fps in .22 caliber with medium weight pellet. We recommend only using heavy pellet to keep the velocity below the speed of sound. Talon and Talon SS is capable of maximum velocities of up to 1100fps. 

4. Do highest velocity mean most powerful? 

No, at a given power setting, a heavier projectile traveling at a lower velocity will produce more muzzle energy that a light projectile traveling at a higher velocity. 

5. What’s foot pound of power? 

Power level of a rifle can be calculated and expressed in foot pounds of energy. The calculation is based on velocity (V) expressed in feet per second pellet weight (W) expressed in grains and can be determined with the following formula-V squared times W divided by 450240. 

6. Are they accurate? 

Yes with the German-made Lothar Walther barrel common used by target and benchrest shooter. 

7. Should I buy a scope or purchase the open sights? 

It is up to you the accuracy level the rifle are capable of the average shooter to use optical sights. 

8. How far dose the gun shoot accurately? 

Talon and Talon SS can shoot 50 to 70 yards. Condor shoots 75 yards. 

9. Witch type of trigger do the rifle have? 

2 stage trigger sat at 3 pounds of pull. 

10. What’s the best pellet to use? 

The pellet that get the best results are JSB Exacts, Crosman Premiers, Eun Jin, Predators and Beeman Kodicaks. The Condor will shoot .22 pellets that weigh 30 grains or more and .177, shoots pelleys weighing 15 grains or more. 

11. How many shoot will I get out of a tank? 

The volume of the cylinder is 490cc the largest airgun reservoir known of. Number of shoots before a refill is needed depend on the velocity your rifle is set on. With the Talon and Talon SS at high velocities of 800 to 1000 fps you should get 30 to70 consistent shoots. At low velocity of 300 to 500 fps you can get 200 to 300 shoots Condor gets 10-15 shoots full-power shoots per fill.  

12. Which should I use a hand pump or a scuba tank to fill my rifle? 

That depends on you. You have complete independence from air compressors and scuba tanks but requires physical effort on your part. Using a scuba tank to refill makes the rifle easier to use by shooter who may have been reluctant to get into airgunning because of the considerable effort to cock a spring-piston air gun 

13. How many strokes dose it take with a hand-pump to fill the tank? 

It will take several hundred strokes to fill the tank the first time; you actually need to pause several times to rest and let the pump cool. But the air tank is not completely emptied when you shoot. after the tank is filly charged the first time you will only top off the tank to replace the air from the shoot you jest fired. If you shoot at high velocity you normally pump 2 to 3 strokes to reptace the air in the tank for each shot fired. low velocity settings require about 1 stroke per shot to fill the tank. Warning; When filling the tank for the first time the pump should be allowed to cool for 15 minutes after each 5 minutes of pumping or damage to the pump seals may result. 

14. Can I store a full air cylinder? 

Yes, the high pressure air cylinder design will remain pressurized. 

15. How safe are the cylinders, and how do I know? 

The air cylinder are produced in accordance with Department of Transportation specification 3AL and are each pressure checked and serial numbered. The air valve used with this cylinder incorporates a pressure relief device as required by the code of Federal Regulations. 

16. What about maintenance? Do I need to clean the barrel or oil any parts? 

Maintenance is minimal and covered in the instructional DVD provided with each gun. 

17. Can the air tank be filled with other gases? 

This practice is not recommended and Voids the warrant of the rifle. The air rifle was designed for use with clean, dey compressed air or nitrogen gases only. 

18. Can the tank be filled with my home compressor? 

Normally home compressor will not achieve 3000psi. This is way the scuba tank or special hand pump is needed.21. What is the length of pull? A: 14 ½ inches

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