Friday, 12 February 2016

Singer 1507 Sewing Machine Reviews


The Singer 1507 is a decent little  sewing machine, but features stiff competition from the Brother XL2600i, which is just around $10 more expensive.
The 1507 is an 8-stitch machine, while the Brother offers 25, so immediately that should make you take a good hard look at the Brother XL2600I as well if this is your price range.
For now, however, let’s focus on this best Singer sewing machine 1507. The machine is best suited for basic mending and sewing. It features a 4-step buttonholer, simple bobbin winder, horizontal threading and 3 needle positions.
The snap-on presser feet is convenient, as are the carry handle and built-in storage compartment for various accessories. Accessories included with the machine includes a bottle of oil (small), 2 spool caps, stitching guide, screwdriver, seam ripper and lint brush, 4 bobbins and a feed dog cover. Included feet include standard presser, button sewing, buttonhole and zipper.

The positives

An easy to understand manual will get you set up fast with this machine. The foot pedal does a better job of controlling the speed than some of the Brother models, which can speed up a little too fast. Operation is very quiet. We love the built-in storage compartment as well. Reverse sewing is possible and can be activated with a handy little lever.
Overall, this capable sewing machine is very easy to learn and use. The machine falls in the $75 – $80 price range and is a good buy for that price.

Problems encountered

The tension on the bobbin in particular tends to loosen a bit too easily for our liking, although it is easily rectified with the included screwdriver. Sewing at high speed can cause unthreading from the bobbin cover, so if you’re a speed merchant, you’d want to tone it down a little and just keep a nice steady pace with the Singer 1507. So, as you can tell, the bobbin setup could be a problem area for some people on this machine.

Singer 1507 verdict

The Singer 1507 is a very capable little machine, but you may want to also take a serious look at the Brother XL2600i before making a purchase decision. For just a few dollars more the Brother offers you a lot of added versatility.
However, if basic sewing and mending is all you need to do, the Singer 1507 is an affordable and easy to use option. You can check more of  the best sewing machine brands as your sewing need change

Consumer Verdict

Out of 45 user reviews on it received 37 4 and 5 star reviews, giving it a healthy 82% extreme customer satisfaction rating. This is, however, a fairly small sample (we like to draw conclusions from 100+ reviews), but there doesn’t seem to be too many major issues with this machine.

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