Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Baby convertible cribs for 2016

I know all you new parents are looking to save as much money as possible, but is putting your newborns life in jeopardy worth all the heartache? I'm here to tell you why buying a used/second hand crib can be extremely dangerous for your newborn.

Don't buy a pile of used crib pieces

You want to look at the used crib while it is set up so you can check it over carefully. When they are dismantled and just laying on the ground, it will be hard to tell if all the pieces are there. While the crib is set up, you can give it a little shake so you can test the sturdiness, check the wheels and give it a good visual inspection. Just remember used cribs don't come with a return policy.

Make sure you check the crib safety basics

All cribs that are sold in the United States are suppose to meet he certain crib safety standards. Check the crib slats, make sure there is no more than 2-3/8” space between them which is about as wide as a soda can.

Check for crib recalls

Find the manufacturer of the crib and the model number. Check to make sure that there are no recalls on that crib. They can be recalled for many reasons from hardware that could break to a lead paint issue. If the crib is recalled, don't buy it. Talk with the manufacturer first before anything to see if it could be repaired or replaced. It is illegal to sell any recalled product in the United States.

Used convertible cribs

Many cribs today can be converted into a toddler bed, daybed or even a full size bed. If you are thinking of purchasing one like this, make sure the conversion kit is with the top baby crib and make sure that it is included in the price. If they do not come with the crib, contact the manufacturer to see if the conversion kit is still available for that model.

Used crib mattresses

If I were to have to buy a used crib mattress, I would but if I absolutely didn't have to, I would buy a brand new one. It is important that the mattress fits the crib properly. It should be firm and free of any slits in the cover.

If you are to buy a used one, it is highly recommended that you use a mild disinfectant to clean the best toddler mattress before use. Keep in mind, brand new mattresses can be found for just under $80.

Check and double check hardware and moving parts.

In drop side cribs it can be very dangerous as we have came to find out that they are usually always missing pieces. Please make sure all the pieces are there for assembly before purchasing the crib.

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