Sunday, 17 July 2016

8-inch reversible bench vise review

What is a reversible bench vise? This is a bench vise that allows you to dislodge the movable jaw from its position and fix it on the other side of the fixed jaw. 

In simple perception, the bench vise has three jaws but only two can be used at a time. This mechanism is supposed to give you a wider jaw on one side so that you can work on bigger materials if the other side ill not fit.

We are going to focus on the Wilton 8” reversible bench vice which offers you a great value for the money you pay for it;


The jaws of the Wilton bench vise can extend up to 9¾ inches when reversed. This means that out of the 8-inch size of the normal jaw size, you can still get 13/4 more if you reverse it. 

The reversibility of these jaws is not the only quality that is good about them; The jaws are also replaceable.

Whenever the jaws get worn out, you can replace them with new ones. You can therefore use the jaws for a really long time and rest assured the problem that will make this product to be thrown in the archives will not relate to the jaws’ malfunction.

The jaws are also made of hardened steel. The hardened steel enables you to tighten the grip on any material until the time that you feel like the grip is powerful enough for you to work with. 

Swivel base

The swivel can be rotated at an angle of 360 degrees. This 360-degree rotation does not mean that you will be barred from rotating the top part more than that.

You can still make other 360-degree rotations continuously, giving you a better chance with materials that require constant turning.

The swivel base is also secured with two lockdown bolts. The lockdown bolts ensure that the top part will stabilize as the user is cutting the material. 

The grip that the lockdown bolts have is so tight that the base will not alternate in angles even when the force applied is large.


If you have always used that one anvil on the common types of vises until it gets worn out, you should have better luck with this vise. The vise has not one, but two anvils for you to use. 

The good thing about the anvils is that they are long lasting, enabling you to use them for as long as the tool is in one piece. 


To have all these features, the vise needs to pack up some weight. The best bench vise in the market weighs roughly 71 pounds. This weight is due to the massive size of the vise and the high quality construction it has.

The vise may not be that easy to handle for everyone, but adults who have a fixed workshop should not have any problems using it.


So far, all of the people who have purchased the product have not shown any remorse to their decision to purchase it. This Wilton vise has shown great potential to be one of the best sellers in the stores.

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